Monday, February 11, 2013

Sci-Fi Janitors: Live from DragonCon 2012 Part 4

This was my daughter,  Sierra's first time to DragonCon and she went to one of her Favorite Panels with the Sci Fi Janitors.  Bob and Carl were doing a live feed from the panel and Sierra brought her monkey and her Pandy with.  So, as the live feed was going on, Sierra was standing in a chair with Pandy clutched to her chest and when they were asking for the last question, Sierra raised her hand high with Pandy still clutched to her chest and she and Pandy were picked for this skit because it was just too darn cute for words so Sierra and Pandy ended up in Part 4 of the footage.  Enjoy and leave a Like.  If you like a lot please subscribe to the channel of the Sci Fi Janitors.

Friday, September 2, 2011

Beginning again.

I have been away from here for a while and I need to pick things back up again.

Just like my life things are starting to get back on track and it's now time to start putting things down on a page so to speak.  I am finally able to start putting my projects back down for others to view again and this time, I welcome any feedback that you have for me.

For now, however, I am going to stick with the simple things.

I am going to be brewing beer again, finishing up other craft projects and eventually posting adventures when they happen.

So welcome again.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

The Story Continues

I and my friends are continuing the storylines of our story. I am going to re-vamp the blog to make the stories much easier to follow.

As for myself, I am growing better every day.

Aiden gets frustrated when he doesn't get his way these days and will take his anger and all out on anything he sees in reach. Like he's thrown the Wii remotes, and one good example was on Wednesday, I turned the TV off so we could get to daycare and work on time and Aiden, in his frustration, threw the tv remote at the television and put a dent into the grill of the TV speaker only to put a whole into it. We haven't fixed it to remind Aiden of what he did. He did learn that when he gets angry to get his frustrations out by clapping his frustration out until he's no longer angry and calmed down. It's actually worked and we reinforce it when he does start acting up. So far he has lost his temper and acting up to just to see how far he could push our own tempers and we definitely are learning to implement punishments that are age appropriate. We don't spank, but we do make sure he knows that there are consequences to his actions.

I'm learning too not to get angry as he'll emulate the action in my tone to his own. So when he gets flippy at us, he gets the associated punishment. He's learning that he doesn't always get his way. He'll go to his room and think things through. He still won't talk to us when he knows he's gotten into trouble, but when punishment is put into place, he'll talk and answer our questions and understand the reason why he's not getting what he wants all the time. So he's developing the way he should.

We keep getting told time and time again that we should crack down on his behavior by spanking him and putting him into place. It's only crushing what independence and self esteem he's developing. I was raised under that type of punishment and now I'm learning as much as the kids do as well.

Well, I'm getting long winded now so more later, with pictures maybe.


Friday, December 26, 2008

Pumpkin Pie Lager

Well I have to admit that this batch of beer has turned out well. It's been sitting in the bucket for about a month now. I will hopefully be bottling it this weekend. Been kinda lax in wanting to bottle or brew anything else, but I am going to try and brew several more within this new year. More coming soon...

The holiday blues

Here is the day after christmas and I feel that yesterday was just another day. The kids had a fantastic time and I enjoyed Christmas better this year because of the fact that I lived it through the kids. My birthday, which was 3 days ago was pleasant day. I took the day off after my appointment with my counselor. I'm doing well, and it does show. It does in our kids as they want more attention when I disappear. The joys of being a mommy. I'm not complaining. My best year so far, I have to say. I have some great friends, including my bestest friend, my husband who all have helped me through the difficult stages as I continue to grow and get better.

My kids received from Santa Claus or I should say is that he brought the whole family a Nintendo Wii. So far, the kids have been playing with it like mad. I got a DS Lite for my birthday/christmas and I play it when I can without my daughter wanting to play. I've been having to hide it from her but I think she doesn't want to share. The definite phase of a three year old. I'm not complaining. I'm definitely learning the stages of my kids and I'm figuring things out day by day. Life gets better every day and that's what it's all about. Until next time.