Monday, February 11, 2013

Sci-Fi Janitors: Live from DragonCon 2012 Part 4

This was my daughter,  Sierra's first time to DragonCon and she went to one of her Favorite Panels with the Sci Fi Janitors.  Bob and Carl were doing a live feed from the panel and Sierra brought her monkey and her Pandy with.  So, as the live feed was going on, Sierra was standing in a chair with Pandy clutched to her chest and when they were asking for the last question, Sierra raised her hand high with Pandy still clutched to her chest and she and Pandy were picked for this skit because it was just too darn cute for words so Sierra and Pandy ended up in Part 4 of the footage.  Enjoy and leave a Like.  If you like a lot please subscribe to the channel of the Sci Fi Janitors.